Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Chorus One Podcast. This podcast hosted by our team members will focus on ideas, protocols, and projects that facilitate the creation of a permissionless, open financial system. You can find the first three episodes, as well as future weekly episodes, on all major podcasting platforms: Libsyn, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Google Play, and Stitcher.


It’s no secret that researching and publishing content to educate, generate awareness, and to publicly participate in questions of network governance is the cornerstone of the Chorus One vision to foster “a community of engaged token holders that work together to shape the future of decentralized networks”.

With the Chorus One Podcast, we are structuring this effort and aim to provide a consistent outlet that covers relevant topics and projects tangential to Chorus One on a weekly basis. This intersection involves staking, blockchain governance, interoperability, and decentralized finance in general.


We aim to experiment with different formats, so it won’t be a standard interview-only podcast. Some episodes will explain specific concepts, others will feature a discussion with stakeholders, e.g. around a relevant governance topic, and some will just be interviews with projects from the space. What you can be sure about is that there will at least be one of our hosts/team members (Brian, Meher, Brendan, or Felix) and lots of pertinent, in-depth information on the emerging open financial system.


The first episode is an introduction to the podcast. It is structured as an intro to our company, the podcast, and hosts covering what currently excites us most about the crypto space.

The second episode is an interview with Alfonso Cevallos conducted by Felix. Alfonso is a researcher from the Web3 Foundation working on the Proof-of-Stake implementation that is going to be used in Polkadot (Nominated Proof-of-Stake).

The third episode is an interview in which Meher dives deep into the Terra stablecoin protocol with Nicholas Platias, Head of Research at Terra Money.

We’re looking forward to having you as a listener and releasing weekly episodes each Monday. Please join our Telegram if you have suggestions for who or what to feature on the podcast!