The Cosmos Hub just launched and you can start to stake your Atoms to earn interest on them! Use our Ledger delegation tool to delegate your Atoms with just a few clicks. Find a video tutorial on how to use this tool here.

We also published a comprehensive tutorial document to guide you through every step from importing your fundraiser seed to delegating your Atoms using the command line (gaiacli) on Mac OSX and Linux (Windows will follow shortly). Pre-built binaries. No surprises. No programming experience required.

Find the full guide here:

Atoms will become tradeable once the Cosmos Hub is stable and a governance vote activating transfers has passed. This should take place shortly after launch, subscribe to our mailing list to stay tuned about Atom exchange listings.

If you are having trouble with the tool or the guide, please email us at, join our Telegram, or schedule a call with one of our team members to assist you in delegating.

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