When the Cosmos Network launched, we set our initial commission rate to 15%. At the time, that was around the median commission rate and we were able to attract many delegators.

Since then there has been significant downward pressure on commission rates. As a result, today our rate is no longer competitive.

To make sure we are giving our loyal delegators a great deal, we have decided to reduce the Chorus One fee on Cosmos.

Our new commission rate on the Cosmos Hub will be 7.5%!

We are convinced that with our reduced rates, we have one of the most compelling offerings on the Cosmos Hub:

1. Get ease of mind with our best-in-class security.

We run a best in-class validator security architecture including automated failover, enterprise-grade key management utilizing HSMs, validation nodes distributed across continents, and external security audits. There are few who have invested as heavily in security and architecture as we have and none who give you as much insights to verify yourself. You can check out our validator architecture document here. If you are looking to minimize the risk for your ATOMs, staking with Chorus One is the way to go.

Sleep soundly knowing your ATOMs are protected.

2. We educate and build the community for a successful ecosystem.

We are the leading validator when it comes to producing high quality content and educational materials about Cosmos, Proof-of-Stake and the internet of blockchains. We help you learn about the network and are doing crucial work to help the Cosmos ecosystem grow and thrive.

Check out some examples of our work:

Stake with Chorus One and help grow the pie for everyone by building a vibrant and educated community.

3. We more than offset our carbon footprint to help reverse climate change

We have partnered with Regen Network and estimated our carbon footprint. We are offsetting approximately 3x our estimation to ensure that Chorus One's operations have a climate positive impact.

Our community voted to support the Rainforest Foundation. Learn more about how we are turning our validator climate positive. 🌴

With Proof-of-Stake we have a chance to build a new social and financial fabric leading to more abundance and opportunity for everyone.

By staking with the first climate-positive validator, you’re helping blockchains be a force for environmental sustainability and regeneration.

4. We drive protocol innovation for the next phase of Proof-of-Stake

We are at the forefront of researching improvements to Proof-of-Stake and Cosmos. For example, we have been driving work around delegation vouchers and won the Berlin Cosmos Hackathon together with Sikka with our delegation voucher implementation. We think delegation vouchers could enable the Cosmos DeFi wave and unleash permissionless innovation for the internet of blockchains.

Help Cosmos evolve and innovate to become the foundation for the internet of blockchains.

5. We’re building the most powerful staking user experience with our dashboard

An early iteration of our upcoming web application.

We have been building a web application for the advanced crypto investor. It will allow you to perform all the basic actions such as staking, sending coins and voting in governance. But in addition, it will also have quality data and provide human-readable insights into the performance of your holdings. A first version is scheduled to launch this quarter! Stay tuned.

Stake with Chorus One and support better tools and user experiences for Proof-of-Stake and decentralized finance.

If interested, get in touch at [email protected], stop by our Telegram group, or join our recently formed Discord channel!

PS: We adjusted our commission rates today, but based on our maximum daily commission rate change of 2% it will take a bit under a week until we actually reach 7.5%.