With the Activate token sale and permissionless mainnet launch upcoming for SKALE, we wanted to highlight a few things about the network, team, and our involvement.

Why We Support SKALE

We have been in contact with the SKALE team since 2019 and were intrigued by their unconventional sidechain approach. Coming from a background in the Cosmos ecosystem, we believe that many decentralized applications will benefit from sovereignty. SKALE’s design provides a configurable, cost-efficient way to migrate Ethereum-based applications to their own chain without having to care about recruiting a validator set, interoperability to Ethereum, or needing to worry about rising transaction fees on Ethereum.

The team has been working closely with decentralized application developers and validators to ensure the network meets and is able to adapt to changing requirements of participants in the SKALE economy.

Staking SKL Tokens with Chorus One

As an owner of SKL tokens, you can earn rewards and contribute to the security of the SKALE network by staking your tokens starting September 1. Chorus One has been operating nodes for Proof-of-Stake and other decentralized networks since early 2018. By delegating your tokens to us, you can rely on our battle-tested infrastructure and processes that already secure more than $50 million in staked assets.

Using the Anthem Platform to Manage your Staking Portfolio

In addition to operating nodes on SKALE, we are delighted to announce that we will be adding support for SKALE to our staking platform Anthem in the coming months. Anthem will allow SKALE users to stake, as well as track their portfolio and transactions history.

The team at Chorus One brings a depth of experience as a validator that's important for people who are going to be looking to stake their SKL Tokens. We're excited to have the SKALE Token supported by the Anthem platform so that SKALE token holders have a rich set of options as they decide who to delegate with.

Jack O'Holleran, Co-Founder, SKALE Labs.

The SKALE token launch on ConsenSys Activate platform will begin today (Aug 17), check out the details here. To learn more about SKALE token economics, this 1-pager and this blog post serve as a great overview.

About Chorus One

Chorus One is providing staking services and developing cross-chain communication technologies for Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks.

Website: https://chorus.one
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chorusone
Telegram: https://t.me/chorusone


SKALE is an elastic blockchain network that gives developers the ability to easily provision highly configurable fully decentralized chains that are instantly compatible with Ethereum. SKALE chains can execute sub-second block times, run up to 2,000 tps per chain, and run full-state smart contracts in addition to decentralized storage, execute Rollups, and machine learning in EVM.

Website: https://skale.network/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/skalenetwork
Telegram: https://t.me/skaleofficial
Discord: http://skale.chat/